Marching Table

Hello traveler.

Welcome to the Archive. We collect and study all knowledge related to artifacts and anomalies of this world.

Here you can access information about any artifact you encountered personally.

In return, we ask permission to distill the complete details of the encounter from your memory, so we can further expand the understanding of this world.

Let’s begin.

This is a Marching Table.

It’s a very curious artifact. Especially so because of how blatantly it defies the rules of nature as we have known them before. Right in front of our eyes, the cubes appear out of nowhere and disappear without a trace. 

Another theory is that the cubes teleport from one side to the other, but all attempts to prove this have failed. All cubes appear in a pristine state.

The cubes don’t react to any outside force or damage, but tempering with the table will result in all of them dissolving into nothing. 

We are currently considering how the cubes’ perpetual motion can be used as a power source.