Light Field Workers

Hello traveler.

Welcome to the Archive. We collect and study all knowledge related to artifacts and anomalies of this world.

Here you can access information about any artifact you encountered personally.

In return, we ask permission to distill the complete details of the encounter from your memory, so we can further expand the understanding of this world.

Let’s begin.

These are Light Field Workers.

Congratulations on meeting them, they are quite a sight to behold.

There are multiple theories regarding the nature of the Workers and that of the Light Field itself, but not enough observation data exists to approve or disapprove any of those.

One such theory is that the creation of the Light Field altered living beings in its vicinity into the shape of the Workers. It also suggests that prolonged exposure to the Field can result in such a transformation even now. Even though this has not been observed yet, it has resulted in travelers treating the Field with high caution.

Also, additional data is required to understand the Workers. The important questions are “Are they sentient?” “Can they exist outside the field?”.

We are excited about what the future will bring in regards to our understanding of the Light Fields.